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#11. Anthony Has His Methods

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Title: Techniques for untangling headphones with a minimal amount of thought or effort

Method #1 - The Divider
1. Hold a knot of headphone wire firmly with one hand.
2. Using the index finger of your other hand, poke your index finger into the middle of the knot.
3. Move your hands apart, forcing the knot to part.

Method #2 - The Reverse Cat's Cradle.
1. Remember that childhood game where you make patterns with the string between your fingers?
2. Do that, but in reverse.

Method #3 - The Quantum String Theory.
1. Hold the headphones in one hand.
2. Wave your arm around like one of those inflatable tube men where they sell cars.

Method #4 - Regret.
1. Seek medical attention for whatever injuries the previous attempts may have caused.

Disclaimer: This comic does not constitute advice. The author does not assume responsibility for headphone related damage or injury.