Anthony Pike's web comic featuring instances from his life. Each is recklessly enhanced with an injection of Imagination&Lies™ at dosage levels not recommended by your doctor.

#48. Anthony Has a Research Project

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Panel 1: View of a closed door.

Panel 2: The door slams open loudly.

Panel 3: Anthony Enters.
Anthony: Hello, I'm home!

Panel 4: Anthony and his wife are having a conversation.
Naomi: Did you get everything... Did you stick to the list?
Anthony: Mostly.

Panel 5: Anthony Looks sheepish.
Naomi: Are those chocolate biscuits?
They were not on the list.
Anthony (in a whisper): Um... They... Were... Um... On my list.

Panel 6: Anthony holds up a packet of biscuits and looks more confident.
Anthony: Have you heard about the half life of radioactive materials, the time it takes for a material to lose half it's mass? I'm doing an experiment to determine why boxes of chocolate biscuits disappear in the same way and the mystery of why some do so so quickly!

Panel 7: Naomi inspects an already opened box
Naomi: What about this one?

Panel 8: Naomi is shocked.
Naomi: It's already completely empty!

Panel 9: Anthony has a mouth full of something, spittle flies from his mouth.
Anthony: It'th a mythtery!