Anthony Pike's web comic featuring instances from his life. Each is recklessly enhanced with an injection of Imagination&Lies™ at dosage levels not recommended by your doctor.

#20. Anthony Has a Wish Fulfilled

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Panel 1: A short of a small island in the middle of the ocean.

Panel 2: A pair of hands holds an old oil lantern (the traditional genie lamp).

Panel 3: Anthony sits on the island, holding the lamp. His facial hair has grown significantly during his time on the island. A purple energy is coming out of the lamp.

Panel 4: The purple energy has formed into a beautify genie.
Genie: Oh fortunate lamp-bearer! For releasing me I will grant you any one wish. Master, what does your heart desire?

Panel 5: Anthony: May television comedies never be filmed with a laugh track (or audible studio audience) ever ever again.