Anthony Pike's web comic featuring instances from his life. Each is recklessly enhanced with an injection of Imagination&Lies™ at dosage levels not recommended by your doctor.

#1. Anthony Has a Shave and a Haircut

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Panel 1: Office workplace. Anthony is speaking with colleagues.
Raymond: Who said you needed a haircut? Don't worry.

Panel 2:
Julia: Hey, Ant! Are you growing a beard?Anthony:Well, I stopped shaving. This just seems to be an unfortunate side-effect.
Julia: It makes you look 65. Are you 65?

Panel 3: Anthony is ordering food at McDonald's
Anthony (thinking): I wonder how much I need to shave off so I look exactly 26 again?
McDonald's Employee: I like the beard. It makes you look like a hobbit.

Panel 4: At the hairdresser.
Caption: At the very next opportunity.
Anthony: Short back and sides, please!

Caption: It is time to get a haircut when you get weird complements from staff at McDonalds.