Anthony Pike's web comic featuring instances from his life. Each is recklessly enhanced with an injection of Imagination&Lies™ at dosage levels not recommended by your doctor.

#4. Anthony Has Something To Do

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Panel 1: Anthony sits at a messy computer desk.
Anthony: The internet is... blank.

Panel 2: Blombo (a small strange creature who may just be a figment of Anthony's imagination) sits on Anthony's desk.
Blombo: Is it broken?

Panel 3:
Anthony:I don't think so... it looks like everyone has downloaded everything. There is nothing left on the internet. Do you --- know what --- this means?

Panel 4: Anthony runs out into the countryside, laughing with his arms flapping behind him, while Blombo looks on.
Anthony: Tee he! I am freeeeeeeee~! Woooooo!
Blombo:Anthony! You still have a comic to draw!