Anthony Pike's web comic featuring instances from his life. Each is recklessly enhanced with an injection of Imagination&Lies™ at dosage levels not recommended by your doctor.

#12. Anthony Has Not Planned For This

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Panel 1: Anthony is discussing matters with housemates.
Anthony: Hey, I bought a new peg bag for the house so we can replace the plastic one before it completely disintegrates.
Ashley:Be careful with that. Spiders love to hide in those.

Panel 2: The brand new, still sealed in plastic, peg bag starts vibrating with imaginary (probably) spiders.
Anthony: So... should I still open it?

Panel 3: Anthony heads outside with his washing.
Anthony (speaking to the old breaking peg basket): Ok, let's replace you before I hang my washing.

Panel 4: Clothes are on the line, next to the new peg back which is filled with (probably) pegs, but is also vibrating.
Caption: Three minutes later, Anthony needs more pegs.
Anthony: You better not be filled with spiders already.